Chelsea Graves, Dining Services Student Farm Manager, Interdisciplinary Studies Major, at Virginia Tech Kentland Farms

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"Promote a sustainable dining and food system at Virginia Tech and therefore the greater community." – One of our seven guiding principles

Farmer Spotlight

Sweet Water Baking Company

Location: Floyd, VA

Distance from Blacksburg:  40 miles South

Products provided: Assorted breads used almost exclusively for paninis at the Farms & Fields Project. Here are some of the breads that you might find on the menu: Mountain Brown Bread, Seed Bread, Oatmeal Bread, Prairie Brown Bread, Rocky Knob Bread, Rustic White Bread.


Sweet Water
Photo Courtesy: Sweet Water Baking Company

Where can you find these products?
At the Farms & Fields Project in Owens Food Court at Owens Hall.

More Information: On Saturdays, you can often find Sweet Water Baking Company at the Blacksburg Farmers Market! Stop by the market to say hello and grab Sweet Water bread, granola, and cookies to take home.

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The Farms & Fields Project in Owens Food Court is dedicated to providing customers with farm-fresh, local, organic, and sustainable food. By choosing to eat at the Farms & Fields Project, you support Dining Services’ commitment to sustainability. Learn more about Dining Services’ sustainability efforts, find daily Farms & Fields menus, and upcoming sustainability events on the Farms & Fields blog.

This venue is referred to as a "project" because it is intended to be dynamic and continually developing. Local and seasonal food means new recipes and new food sources, as well as developing practices that will cause this venue to evolve and adapt to changing needs.

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