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Spring 2022 Dining Plan Information

Exterior of West End Market at Cochrane Hall

Exterior of West End Market at Cochrane Hall

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why have rates increased for dining plans? 
    Pandemic-related supply chain issues and increases in supply costs have accelerated costs to prepare food. Additionally, a market alignment for rates of pay was necessary to attract and retain Dining Services workers in order to continue operations and services. This market alignment increase returns back to our dedicated 1,600+ student wage workers.
  • What are the new rates for dining plans? 
    • Minor Flex Plan (only available to students living off campus) $1196 price per semester, $478 flex balance
    • Major Flex Plan $2250 price per semester, $816 flex balance
    • Mega Flex Plan $2414 price per semester, $980 flex balance
    • Premium Flex Plan $2583 price per semester, $1149 flex balance
  • If I purchased a Flex Plan for Fall 2021, will my Flex Plan change for Spring 2022? 
    No. Students with a Flex Plan for the fall semester will automatically be assigned and billed for the same dining plan for the spring semester. You will still have the same plan but the cost for that plan has increased.
  • Can I change my dining plan before the spring semester starts? 
    Yes. You can change your spring dining plan using StarRez until 11:59 p.m. on January 9, 2022. Spring 2022 dining plans start Monday, January 10 at 7:00 a.m.
  • Will the rate increase limit my ability to eat using my Flex dining plan? 
    By purchasing one of our Flex dining plans for spring semester, your Flex plan's purchasing power stays at the same levels as the fall semester. While the plans will cost more, your Flex balance will increase to offset the increase in menu prices for the spring semester.
  • If I don’t have a dining plan, how will this affect me? 
    Menu prices on food items will increase starting in the spring semester. Without a dining plan you will be paying full listed price on the menus. Flex Dining Plan holders get a 67% discount off the full price at D2, and 50% off the full price at all other venues.
  • What if I have Dining Dollars, Commuter Cash, or a Hokie Passport account? 
    Dining Dollars work like a debit card and can be used at any of our venues on campus. The plan is available to off-campus students and employees and provides the convenience of being able to eat at our venues between or after classes or work. Students using Dining Dollars receive a 5% discount on all purchases and don’t pay sales tax. 
    For students living off-campus, the Commuter Cash dining plan costs $391 per semester and allows for tax-free purchases at our venues. Unlike the Flex dining plans and Dining Dollars, Commuter Cash doesn't include discounted purchases. 
    Students can also use their Hokie Passport account at Virginia Tech dining centers. The account – which is accepted at local restaurants, on-campus convenience stores, and university bookstores – does not receive a discount at Dining Services venues.
  • If I have money left from the fall semester, can I use that in the spring? 
    Yes. Funds remaining on an individual dining plan at the end of the fall semester will roll to the following semester as long as the student purchases a dining plan the following semester. Commuter Cash dining plan rollover balances from a Fall semester are the exception and do not require a Spring dining plan for access. All initial dining plan funds and dining plan rollover funds must be used by the end of Spring Semester to avoid forfeiture.
  • How do I know I'm managing my dining plan money well? 
    We have flex use guides, to help compare your spending habits with the money available on your Major or Mega or Premium Flex Plan. This chart can also help you manage your dining plan balance for the entire semester. It is important to remember that each student has different dining habits, and where you choose to eat on a daily basis has a great impact on how much money you will spend.


  • Virginia Tech students can apply to participate in the Market of Virginia Tech, which is designed to provide food assistance to students who have a hard time obtaining regular, healthy meals.
  • The Dean of Students manages an emergency fund, for students who experience an emergency resulting in unexpected expense and food insecurity.
  • The Wesley Foundation sponsors 209 Market Place, a pantry that provides food, toiletries, and school supplies for Virginia Tech students and their families.
  • Students do not need to file a Cost of Attendance Appeal because of the increase. University Scholarships and Financial Aid is currently addressing the spring dining plan increase automatically in a student’s Cost of Attendance.

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