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Safe Handling of Meals To Go

West End Market / Cochrane Hall dining services; fried foods / trans fat

Safe Handling of Meals To Go

When you get your meal "to go" make sure that you are keeping the food safe from harmful bacteria. Dining Services has made sure that you have been served a safe meal, but when you take that food out of the dining center, it is your responsiblity to keep it safe.

Keep HOT foods HOT (above 140°F)

Keep COLD foods COLD (below 40°F)

The Two-Hour Rule

Don't leave any hot or cold food at room temperature for longer than two hours. If you take that food back to your room and leave it on your desk for longer than two hours, don't eat it, throw it out!

Not Eating Within Two Hours?

Refrigerate the foods thoroughly (open up the container so cold air can get in) and don't store it longer than two days. When you reheat the food, make sure that it is heated thoroughly until it is hot and steaming (above 165°F). Make sure that all of the food is thoroughly heated. Stir the food, if possible, and rotate it in the microwave. If you don't eat all of it, don't refrigerate the leftovers, toss them out.

For questions, comments, and suggestions regarding the YES program contact Ashley Foster, Dining Services' administrative dietitian, at or 540-231-1896.