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Select Your Individual Dining Plan

As a student at Virginia Tech, you’ll have access to some of the best campus food in the country with an incredible variety of healthy and delicious options. We operate 47 venues at 10 dining centers and two food trucks, and somewhere on campus, we’re serving meals 19 hours each day.

Unlike other universities, Virginia Tech’s dining plans don’t provide a fixed number of meals per week but work like a debit card. Every purchase is deducted from your balance, which can be easily checked online at Hokie SPA or at the register in a dining center.

Individual dining plans are to be purchased by individuals, for individuals. You may, on occasion, take a guest to join you for a meal; however, buying a dining plan to be used collectively by more than one individual, or used to pay for other individual's meals on a recurring basis, is a conduct violation and will be dealt with accordingly. 

*Off-campus students without a current plan can add one at any time

Fall 2024 Dining Plans Begin Tuesday, August 20 at 7 a.m.

When choosing a plan, it’s important to consider where you’ll be living and how often you’ll be eating in our dining centers. For example, if you think you’ll eat off-campus each weekend or have a quick breakfast in your room every morning, those decisions will affect which dining plan is the best match for your lifestyle. 

Purchase a Dining Plan!

First, where you’ll be living will determine which dining plans are available to you.

All students living on-campus, including first-year students, are required to purchase one of three dining plans: Major Flex Plan, Mega Flex Plan, or Premium Flex Plan.

Note: students living on-campus cannot purchase the Minor Flex Plan.

Each plan works like a debit card and is easy to use at Virginia Tech’s Blacksburg campus. Details are available below at Flex Dining Plans.

Although not required, thousands of off-campus students purchase one of those options each year for the convenience of being able to eat on campus. Which plan is appropriate, will depend on your class schedule and budget. Details are available below for our Flex Dining Plans.

Dining Services offers four Flex Dining Plans: Minor, Major, Mega, and Premium. Students living on-campus are required to purchase either the Major, Mega, or Premium Flex Dining Plans. (Note: The funds in Flex Dining Plan are called Flex Dollars, which are a different dining option than Dining Dollars, which are explained below.)  

Included in the price of each Flex Plan is a base cost that covers the utilities, maintenance, repairs, and labor for our dining centers. For the Major, Mega, and Premium Flex plans, the base cost is $1,785.  For the Minor Flex plan, the base cost is $892. The remaining balance, called Flex Dollars, can be used at our dining centers and receive a discount on each purchase. Flex Plans get a 67 percent discount at D2, an all-you-care-to-eat venue in Dietrick Hall, and 50 percent off the cash price at all other venues. 

The prices for each plan are as follows:

Flex Plans Fall 2024 Price per Semester Flex Dollars
Minor Flex Plan* $1,486 $594
Major Flex Plan $2,797 $1,012
Mega Flex Plan $3,000 $1,215
Premium Flex Plan $3,210 $1,425
*Minor Flex Plans are only available to students living off-campus.
Special Note: Amounts subject to change due to final budget approval from the State.

If you will be living on campus, you will automatically be signed up for the Major Flex Plan. If you think you’ll be eating on campus more often, you can upgrade to the Mega or Premium Flex plans using StarRez

Unused Flex Dollars will roll from the fall to spring with the purchase of a spring dining plan.  Unused Flex Dollars at the end of the spring semester can’t be refunded or transferred to the next fall, so it’s important to purchase a plan that best meets your needs.

Students can also make deposits to Flex Additions to supplement their Major, Mega, or Premium Flex Plans.  Flex Additions deposits of up to $1,500 per semester are permitted. Flex Additions receive the same discounts as the starting balance of Flex Dollars. Flex Additions cannot be added to Minor Flex Plans. Minor Flex plan holders can only deposit Dining Dollars and are not eligible for Flex Additions. (Unlike the starting balance of a Flex Dining Plan, unspent Flex Additions can be used the following semester with the purchase of a Major, Mega, or Premium Flex dining plan. Without a Major, Mega, or Premium Flex dining plan purchase, the funds would revert to Dining Dollars and roll from semester to semester until graduation.)

Students can use their dining plans at any of the 47 venues and two food trucks on campus, but as an example, here’s how many meals you can eat a week with each Flex plan at D2, an all-you-care-to-eat venue in Dietrick Hall:

  • Major Flex Plan about 10 meals per week
  • Mega Flex Plan about 12 meals per week
  • Premium Flex Plan about 14 meals per week 

Students with a Flex Plan for the fall semester will automatically be assigned and billed for the same dining plan for the spring semester. (You can also change your plan at StarRez up until the day before dining plans start each semester.)

Dining Dollars work like a debit card and can be used at any of our venues on campus. The plan is available to off-campus students and employees and provides the convenience of being able to eat at our venues between or after classes or work.

Students using Dining Dollars receive a 5 percent discount on all purchases and don’t pay sales tax. Employees do not receive a discount.  Deposits can be made in increments of $15 to $1,400 and remain on your account for as long as you’re a student at Virginia Tech. (Note: The balance of unspent Dining Dollars is refundable upon graduation, minus a $15 processing fee.)

Add Dining Dollars

For students living off-campus, the Commuter Cash dining plan costs $486 per semester and allows for tax-free purchases at our venues. Unlike the Flex dining plans and Dining Dollars, Commuter Cash doesn't include discounted purchases.

Unused Commuter Cash funds will roll from the fall to spring, regardless of whether a spring dining plan is purchased. The funds must be spent by the end of the spring semester. To supplement the plan, deposits can also be made in the form of Dining Dollars and receieve 5 percent off the cash price for all purchases.

Students can also use their Hokie Passport account at Virginia Tech dining centers. The account – which is accepted at local restaurants, on-campus convenience stores, and university bookstores – does not receive a discount at Dining Services venues.

Deposits on any dining plan can be made online throughout the year at HokieSpa. Information about deposits, balances, and transaction history can also be found at

Plan holders can also make deposits at a cash-to-card machine, which are located at:
  • Dietrick Hall
  • Squires Student Center
  • Student Services Building
  • Turner Place at Lavery Hall
  • West End Market at Cochrane Hall

For more information, please click here

Deposits can also be made by cash or check at Hokie Passport Services in the Student Services Building on campus at 800 Washington Street, SW.

  • Flex Additions deposits of up to $1,400 per semester are permitted.

Dining Dollars that are not used for a period of 6 consecutive months will be closed and credited to the student’s account at the Bursar’s Office less a $15 processing fee.

Please refer to our policies, terms, & refunds page for more information.