Turner Place at Lavery Hall

Student Ordering Food at Turner Place

Turner Place is a state-of-the-art dining facility located behind McBryde Hall on Old Turner Street on the academic side of campus. With glass walls and grand entrances throughout, Turner Place has a light, open feel. Housing eight separate restaurants, it offers a variety of cuisine that includes national brands and unique venues, some of which are the first of their kind on a university campus.

In a Roanoke Times article, Tonia Moxley, notes that Turner Place has created nothing by accident - even the seating was designed to promote community and Hokie Tradition. Likewise, the hours are "designed to minimize the facility's impact on off-campus business." Frank Shushok. Vice President for Student Affairs, tells Moxley that when working with the town of Blacksburg, "We want that relationship to remain positive. A strong Virginia Tech is a strong Blacksburg and a strong Blacksburg is a strong Virginia Tech."

Turner Place Restaurants

Atomic Pizzeria (first floor)
Offering both grab–and–go and custom selections. Gourmet and personal pan pizzas are made on-site in a wood-fired oven. Single–serving hot Italian entrées such as chicken parmesan are offered, along with a selection of pre-made salads and hot sandwiches. A chef’s station offers a made to order pasta del giorno (pasta of the day).

Jamba (first floor)
A national chain offering fresh–squeezed juices, smoothies, fruit–infused teas, chai, and hot chocolate; with an emphasis on healthy, pure ingredients.

1872 Fire Grill (first floor)
A high–end grill venue including a large carving station and a wall of flame for rotisserie chicken. One side offers traditional Southern home–style favorites such as fried chicken, while the other hosts an upscale steak house with luxury seating. 1872 Fire Grill includes a wood–fired char grill that grills steak, chicken, and seafood to perfection in minutes, and is the first of its kind on a college campus.

Q´doba Mexican Eats (second floor)
A national brand offering assembled–to–order burritos, fajitas, quesadillas, taco salads, and nachos.

Origami (second floor)
A Japanese steak house experience, with sushi bar, 10–person grill–top tables and a chef preparing food to order with style. For Friday night reservations, please call 540-231-5948.

Soup Garden (second floor)
Offering a rotation of gourmet soups and custom made–to–order tossed salads with a choice of four salad green blends and a wide selection of dressings and toppings, including hot chicken, steak, and shrimp.

Dolci e Caffè (second floor)
A European-style café resembling an open–air market and offering a large menu of grab–and–go selections, self–serve coffee and bakery, and espresso drinks. Dolci e Caffè also serves authentic gelato made on site, with a toppings bar. At the crepe station, crepes are made to order and include a daily flambé selection for a truly European experience.

Bruegger´s Bagels (second floor)
A national chain offering coffee, salads, and, of course, bagels and bagel sandwiches. All bagels are boiled and baked on site in a display kitchen. Bruegger´s also includes a walk-up service window accessible from the Turner Place patio, a unique feature for a college campus.

Community Room

Shultz Hall traditionally provided a large dining center for the corps of cadets' formation meals. With Shultz Hall undergoing renovations to become the new Center for the Arts, the corps needed another space to conduct formation meals, a key element to their training program. Turner Place provides the space and dining necessities that the corps of cadets needs to prepare students for military leadership in a 256–seat community room. Located on the first floor of Turner Place, the community room is now the regimental dining room for the corps of cadets formation dinners and is open to the general public when not in use by the corps.

The Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets has produced outstanding leaders for the Commonwealth and the nation, and the organization has been an essential part of the university since its founding in 1872.