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Dining Policies

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Dining Services’ value statement says our department believes in “every individual's right to have a quality experience" in our dining centers. In practice, that means we guarantee our guests will be 100% satisfied with the service and food we provide. If any guest has a question or concern about their dining experience, they can speak with a manager or fill out an Online Comment Card providing us an opportunity to resolve the issue.

Food Safety

At Dining Services, protecting the health of our staff and guests is one of our highest priorities. That commitment is part of our department’s guiding principles which states “sanitation and safety are paramount.” As a result, campus dining centers operate under a comprehensive food safety plan and staff receive regular training and certifications. More detail is available at Food Safety.

Meals for Students with an Illness or Temporary Disability

Students who are unable to visit a dining center because of an illness or a temporary physical disability (for example, knee surgery) can make special arrangements to purchase meals. Those students can contact the assistant director at any dining center in advance of meal service and provide the necessary information, including their Hokie Passport number and who will be picking up their meal. If the illness or temporary disability extends for more than two days, a doctor’s note will be required.

Assistant directors can be reached at the following phone numbers to arrange for this service:

  • 540-231-6187 Owens Food Court at Owens Hall 

  • 540-231-6187 Hokie Grill & Co. at Owens Hall 

  • 540-231-4779 West End Market at Cochrane Hall 

  • 540-231-6130 D2 at Dietrick Hall 

  • 540-231-3627 Turner Place at Lavery Hall

Lost Hokie Passport Policy

For Virginia Tech students, the Hokie Passport serves as both identification and the card used for dining plans. If you lose your card, contact the Hokie Passport Services office at 540-231-5121 or the Virginia Tech Police Department at 540-231-6411 so your account can be protected from misuse. Lost or stolen cards can also be deactivated online at Hokie Passport Services

Dining Services assumes no responsibility for illegitimate purchases made prior to notifying the university of a lost or stolen card. For the security of their accounts, students will also be prevented from accessing their dining plans or funds without a valid Hokie Passport ID card.  

Customers without a Hokie Passport, and haven’t received a new card from Hokie Passport Services located in the Student Services Building, can receive a lost card voucher at Owens Food Court in Owens Hall. Lost card vouchers allow students to eat in the Owens Food Court and D2 in Dietrick Hall and require students to receive a new Hokie Passport ID card by the following business day.

*Note: Students without smartcards will need to get their Hokie Passport ID replaced at NO charge to use the contactless card readers in all dining centers. By using the newest technology, it will help ensure we all stay safe: Be committed, be well.


Purchases made using Flex Dollars and Flex Additions in dining centers receive a 50% discount in a la carte facilities and a 67% discount at the all-you-care-to-eat facility, D2 at Dietrick Hall. Purchases made using Dining Dollars in dining centers receive a 5% discount.


Rollover Policy

Dining Dollars and Flex Additions will roll from semester to semester until formal separation from the university (graduation, resignation, suspension, etc.). Note that if a student elects not to purchase one of the three major dining plans (Major, Mega, or Premium Flex) in a given semester, any Flex Additions will revert to Dining Dollars.

Funds remaining on an individual dining plan at the end of a Summer I, Summer II, or Fall semester will roll to the following semester as long as the student purchases a dining plan the following semester. Commuter Cash rollover balances from a Fall semester are the exception and do not require a Spring dining plan for access. All initial dining plan funds and dining plan rollover funds must be used by the end of Spring Semester to avoid forfeiture. Unfortunately, no exceptions will be made.

We encourage students to spend all remaining dining plan and dining plan rollover funds. Throughout the semester, students have the ability to easily coordinate the purchase of items in bulk through West End Market. Towards the end of the Spring semester, students typically have the ability to donate remaining dining plan funds to Flex Out Hunger or purchase items in bulk from West End or Owens Food Court.

Reusable Bottle Policy

Guests are allowed to use reusable water bottles in campus dining centers only if the bottles have a removable mouthpiece. (For example, Nalgene-style bottles are not permitted.) Guest bottles may only be filled with water or soft drinks and must be presented to the cashier prior to filling. A discounted price will be charged for soft drinks. Bottles may not be filled with milk, juice, or coffee. 

Reusable water bottles are only allowed in Owens Food Court, DXpress, Hokie Grill & Co., West End Market, Turner Place, Burger ‘37, and Au Bon Pain Café in the Squires Student Center. They are not allowed in D2 or Deet's Place in Dietrick Hall or the Au Bon Pain locations in the Graduate Life Center and Squires Student Center Kiosk.

Dine with Faculty

*Note: the Dine with Faculty program has temporarily been suspended due to COVID-19.

Dining Services’ Dine with Faculty program offers students with a dining plan the opportunity to host a Virginia Tech faculty member at one of our dining centers. This program is a great opportunity for students to meet with faculty in a casual setting and enhance their overall educational experience. The faculty’s meal is provided by Dining Services at no cost to the dining plan holder.

The program allows meal plan holders one meal per month with faculty at either D2 at Dietrick Hall or Owens Food Court at Owens Hall.

  • At D2, our all-you-care-to-eat dining center in Dietrick Hall, the faculty member's meal is free of charge.

  • For Owens Food Court at Owens Hall, a meal voucher of $10.00 is available to faculty guests.

To participate, faculty members must be accompanied by a student dining plan holder, have a faculty/staff Hokie Passport, and indicate to the cashier they are participating in the Dine with Faculty Program.


Photography and Filming

Dining Services respects the privacy of students in our dining centers, and as a result, all photography and filming by outside media or campus organizations requires prior, written approval. This policy does not apply to individual students using their phones to take photos of friends or post images on social media. For more information, please contact Victoria Boatwright, marketing and communications manager at Dining Services, at


Refund Policy for Students Withdrawing from the University during an Academic Year

Refunds are calculated from the date that your resignation is processed by the university or the last day of dining plan use, whichever is later. This may not necessarily be the last day you attend class or officially resign from the university. No refund will be granted for a retroactive/back-dated resignation for the current semester, or for a resignation that occurs during a previous fiscal year.

Major, Mega, and Premium Flex Plan holders will be charged a forfeiture fee of $100 during the first week. Beginning in week two and throughout the remainder of the semester, students will forfeit the base cost and will be refunded any unused Flex Dollars remaining in the account.

Minor Flex and Commuter Cash Plan holders will be charged a forfeiture fee of $35 during the first week.  Beginning in week two and throughout the remainder of the semester, Minor Flex plan holders will forfeit the base cost and will be refunded any unused Flex Dollars remaining in the account.  Commuter Cash plan holders will receive a refund of the remaining dollars on the plan less the $35 forfeiture fee.