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Dining Services Job Request

Please note, a general project description is required for all requests.

All submitted requests are pending approval by the department management to ensure all necessary information needed to complete the project has been submitted. You will receive confirmation of job request approval or rejection. Job requests that are rejected are subject to a complete re-entry process.

Common issues when entering projects:

  • Please enter projects in a timely manner to ensure our department has the minimum 2 weeks for production.
  • Check to see if we have the proper contact information including all emails that the proofs will be sent to.
  • Review job request to check and make sure you have answered “what, where, and when” as this is the most essential information.
  • Make sure the form contains proper org and fund number(s) for billing and charging purposes.
  • Please check new or existing project to help us sort requests.
  • Double check to make sure that uploaded files have been attached and do not exceed 10mb.
  • Many questions you may have when filling out this form have been addressed below.